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Wed Aug 11 15:03:42 2004 from
Paco <

I typed in this comment using the on-screen form.  You can too--just click on the link above!

Thu Sep 23 19:38:18 2004 from
Cleta M. Galvez <

Paco and family: This website is really great! Thanks so much for putting this togther Paco. Hope everyone is well. I hope you will write back to see how this works. If I do not have a digital camera, can I post a picture? Love, Cleta

Thu Oct 7 03:15:39 2004 from
Aunt Nancy <GLEncarna@aol

How about including Vivian and Elisa? They have always been part of the heart of our family.

Mon Oct 11 20:31:22 2004 from
That Son in Law's highly mobile better looking brother <

Mr. Galvez, I just read about your miraculous recovery. I am glad to know that you are healing well. I surmise that your Manhattans are Seagrams based, not Bourbon based. You see, Mr. Jack Daniels, who suffered from a similar malady succumbed to his broken foot. But he obviously drank the wrong libation....uh and his Doctor was also his dentist, and barber, that could not have helped. ;) Cullen (The Jr. Mayor of Bay Village Ohio, which is also the childhood home of George Steinbrenner, started Kindergarden this year. As expected, he took to it like a fish to water or an Irishman to drink. I think he is the President of the lego club. He digs it. As long as there are people around to converse with, he is one happy camper. His little brother, Sean or "Seany" as we like to call him (poor thing), is also loving it here in our 50's throwback neighborhood where Mom's can send their three year old boys down the street to ask if their three year old buddies can come out to play. Needless to say, Laura and I love it here. Best to Cleta. Take care and good health, Brian

Thu Jan 13 19:37:25 2005 from
belen <

happy new year!

Fri Jan 14 07:37:24 2005 from
Uncle Mac <

I followed up on Aunt Nancy's lead and sent a package to our twenty year old member Christopher who is in Mosul, Iraq. He is in the 24th Infantry Regiment and goes out on "Firefights." His E-mail address in "" His Mailing address is: SPC Christopher Galvez B Company 1/24 Inf. Rgt. SPCT APO AE 09345 If you send a package the charge is the domestic rate. So far Aunt Nancy and I have learned that he is into body building. Likes magazine associated with weight lifting. We will learn more as we go along. It is something that he is seeing combat similar to his Grandfather and Great Grandfather. I know we all want to see him survive this ordeal. Uncle Mac

Sun May 22 11:16:47 2005 from
Robert Calderon <

I just found a picture of a man I am sure is my late and "great" uncle Chris Galvez on your website. The picture is of him beside a tank destroyer in Germany during WWII. Please confirm by telling me that he lived on Carroll Street and then 54th Street in Brooklyn where he raised his family until he passed on in 1991. Thanks, Robert Calderon