Galvez Family News & Events
Aunt Mary passes away 10/22/12

Six weeks shy of her 91st birthday, Aunt Mary died of a stroke and complications of congestive heart failure in Baltimore where she had lived for the previous ten years.  She was buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Long Island next to Little Mel, Uncle Mel, Abuelica and Abuelico.
2011 Family Update

On December 10th, Aunt Mary celebrated her 90th birthday with her sisters and most of her grandchildren.

2011 saw two of the great grandchildren get married.  In California, Michael Ruibal married Lyndsay.

Later in the summer, in Saratoga Springs, Christine Burke married Dan Ferguson.

2009 Family Update

Aunt Nancy's grandson Victor Esau graduated from Cooper Union and is now  working on his Masters at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. As for her other grandchildren: Andrew Esau is a sophomore attending Fairleigh Dickinson University and Sarah Michella is a junior also at FDU. Chelsea Michella is in her second year at Holy Cross.  Billy Pat Michella is attending Mercy College working on a Masters in teaching.    

Uncle Mac's grandaughter Danielle Burke graduated from Syracuse University and has an internship with Sears in Chicago. 

Aung Gloria's grandson Christopher Dugan graduated from Columbia and also has an internship in a law office in NYC.

Aunt Mary's grandaughter Mila Rodriguez is now a junior at the Colorado School of Mines  while her little sister Julia Rodriguez is a freshman at Wellesley College.

Cousin Elisa's grandson Matthew Randazzo has graduated from Marist College.  

Aunt Nancy celebrated her 80th birthday in August.  We don't have pictures of the event, but who can forget the invitation?
May 24, 2007 Uncle Manny Passes Away

Aunt Nancy's husband Manuel Lorenzo passed away after three terrible weeks in the hospital.  His family was at his side as he passed.
March 2007, Aunt Mary Celebrates the "Melcentennial"

Tuesday, March 6, 2007 was the 100th anniversary of Uncle Mel's birth.  To mark the event, Aunt Mary, Paco and Mila flew out to Long Island for the day to visit Holy Sepulchre Cemetery and Sound Beach.  While there, we visited with 94 year old Anita Martinez on Shelter Drive (who is just as sharp as ever.)  It was a very special--though very cold--day.

Paco, Mary and Mila behind the graves of Uncle Mel (left) and little Mel.
December 2006, Aunt Mary turns 85 in Madrid

To celebrate her 85th birthday, Aunt Mary and Paco went to Madrid for four days in December.  We ate at Unelc Mel's favorite restaurant, saw a Zarzuela, toured the Prado, the Retiro, and the sites and had a birthday dinner at Casa Botin.

The 2005 Family Reunion is History

On Saturday,  July  9, 2005, thirty eight members of the Galvez clan got together in Baltimore at Paco's House.  There was lots of beer and wine and food and gazpacho and swimming and badminton and fun.


It was great to see everyone and we look forward to another reunion next year.  Please e-mail your pictures to Paco and we can share them on the web site.
College Bound

Aunt Nancy writes in that Belen's son  Billy will be going to the University of Scranton and Tina's son Christopher will be attending Columbia University.  Cousin Gloria's son Victor is attending Cooper Union in New York City.    Aunt Nancy also adds that Cousin Mary's daughter Danielle will be attending  Syracuse University and that Cousin Elisa's grandson, Matthew Randazzo has been accepted at Marist College.  Congratulations to the five of you!